PROGRAM DATES Commuter Rate Dorm/No Meal Plan Dorm/Partial Meal Plan Dorm/Full Meal Plan
5 Week Zag Scholars


June 25 – July 29


$2000 $3000 $3625 $3875
5 Week Sophomores


June 25 – July 29


$2000 $3000 $3625 $3875
4 Week Varsity


July 2 – July 29


$1600 $2400 $2800 $2975
2 Week Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores July 16 – July 29


$800 $1300 $1600 $1700
2 Week Novice Program


July 16 – July 29



$800 $1300 $1600 $1700
1 Week Public Forum Program



July 8 – July 15 $400 $650 $800 $850

2016 GDI Pricing Guide



Scholarship and Discount Notes:

Please note that all programs are eligible to apply for need and merit based scholarships. In order to be considered for any of these we need you to indicate you are applying for this on your application. Also, please email your supporting documentation via email to Your past experience will provide some evidence we can evaluate, but we also encourage you to submit a letter of recommendation from a coach or former lab leader. Need based scholarships require a letter requesting aid from a parent/guardian as well as any supporting documents that you feel will help state your case. Again, these should be emailed to along with your application. It is not necessary to submit those before you apply but we cannot assess you for a scholarship until they are received.

All returning GDI alum will receive an automatic discount of $50 per week off of the total cost of their program.

Any school sending 4 or more students will receive a 5% discount off your cost of attendance. The discount will be applied when you submit your application. If 4 students are not registered by June 1st the discount will be removed from those accounts.

All students applying by January 1st will receive a 5% discount.