At the GDI, we understand that a positive summer institute experience can be a financial burden on many families especially in our current economic climate.As a result, we want to do everything we can to help students afford attendance.

Merit and Need Based GDI Scholarship: A scholarship can be awarded for either previous success and achievement in academic debate or students demonstrated financial need. Below are the requirements:


  • Letter of Recommendation from coach or former lab leader (merit based)
  • Letter of Circumstances from student and/or parent (need based)

Your scholarship will be assessed once the supporting materials are received. Please email those documents to [email protected]

The average scholarship is generally averages about 5% of the total program cost.

Alumni Awards: Returning GDI alumni are automatically awarded a 5% discount. There is no documentation or application needed. This will be reflected on your invoice when you receive your orientation materials.

Group Discounts – We offer a 5% discount off the cost of a students program

The Jessica Hockensmith Scholarship. This scholarship is presented in memory of GDI Scholars alumni Jessica Hockensmith. This is a full scholarship presented to the top speaker in the open division of our high school tournament. If a senior wins this award then the Scholarship is awarded to that student’s team who may pass it along to a debater from that squad.